A universal debate on travel: should we return to a favorite destination or open up to a new destination?


Humans have long been seen as animals of habit, but when it comes to travel, humans are creatures of curiosity, eager to learn more about the next adventure, culture, or place on the bucket list. things to do if we are lucky enough to be able to do so. so. Although familiarity can breed aversion in life, there is something wonderfully reassuring and seductive about returning to a place you have visited and loved.

Sentimental memories of a much-loved trip, whether at home or abroad, can be alluring, especially during a pandemic. You’re browsing through old pictures when the smells, sounds, tastes and sights suddenly come to life and you’re transported back in time. The occasional over-sharing of throwback memories testifies to well-spent travel trips in the pre-pandemic era. The desire to relive or create better memories while traveling comes naturally.

Without a doubt, there are many advantages to returning to the same destination several times. A meaningful journey – getting to know a place and connecting with its people – can inspire and be the cause of lifelong memories. This can have a number of other benefits as a traveler, as well as for the local community and the environment.

The risk-savers among us will relish the prospect of revisiting our favorite vacation spots. As with everything, a person gets better at doing something the more we tend to do it. In a place you’ve been before, finding public transport is easy because you’ve done it before. When conversing with locals, your language may be rusty at first, but the basic terms gradually return, and before you know it, you can be ordering from the menu of your favorite restaurant. The same restaurant could be more improved which is an added bonus as a third visitor.

It is a great honor to return to a destination that has been visited before and reconnect with its community, culture and landscape that holds a special place for the individual. It can be a restaurant you visited the first time, it can be a special spot on your favorite beach in that destination. Either way, reconnecting with an experience you had could provide an introspective view of why you may have visited the place to start with a new perspective.


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