Arlo SoHo Hotel and Allure Store Team Up for Ultimate New York Beauty Destination



Notice to all lovers of travel and beauty, there is a new partnership in town that you will want to take advantage of! If you want a global “Tour of Beauty”, you can say “Sayonara” to Sephora for a while – and check in at Arlo hotels.

Arlo, a luxury hotel brand, is an independent lifestyle hotel group headquartered in New York City, and is delighted to announce its exclusive partnership between its Arlo SoHo property and the recently opened Allure store, which is a gorgeous brick and mortar store filled with fantastic beauty shopping – just as you would see in the award winning Allure Magazine.

Starting October 11, guests of the Arlo Soho hotel will receive an Allure Store tote bag featuring the latest in award-winning beauty and skincare products at full size. In addition to the free gift, each guest will receive a discount voucher valid for a percentage of their entire purchase at the Allure Store, located a few blocks from the hotel in the heart of the SoHo district. For Allure Store customers, Arlo Hotels will offer a 15% discount coupon valid for all bookings at any of its properties, located in New York and Miami.

“I am very excited about the partnership with Allure. This is another example of how Arlo delivers unique experiences to our customers, ”said Cordell Nelson, Managing Director of Arlo Soho. “Our goal is to offer elements of unexpected pleasures during their stay. This partnership not only achieves this goal, but also offers a taste of the local SoHo experience. Our customers absolutely love gift bags – we get great feedback on this from our customer reviews.

“We are very happy with this great partnership with Arlo Soho! We look forward to bringing their guests some of the best products in the world, handpicked by Allure’s editors, ”says Sonny Gindi, Creative Director and Co-Founder of the Stôur Group, owner of the new Allure brick. -mortar store.

As part of this collaboration, Arlo SoHo and the Allure Store plan to co-host a series of ephemeral events such as cocktails, beauty sessions, brand collaborations, etc.

The Allure Store, a physical extension of the Allure magazine brand, is a unique and immersive shopping experience that leverages Allure’s trusted voice to deliver an editorial selection of the world’s best beauty products. In addition to offering a diverse rotation of seasonal products that reflect current beauty and wellness trends, the store uses a technology-driven approach to help customers find award-winning products and try products virtually. The Allure store opened on July 1, 2021 and is located on Lafayette Street in New York City, just a 15-minute walk from Arlo SoHo

Allure Magazine is “The Beauty Expert,” with a mission to investigate and celebrate beauty and fashion objectively and frankly, and to examine appearance in a broader cultural context. Through its journalistic approach and high aesthetic standards, Allure provides content with credentials, which gives consumers unwavering confidence.

I spoke about this fascinating new partnership with Kiara Horwitz, Director of Public Relations at Arlo Hotels. And here’s what she told me.

How did Arlo Hotels become a partner of The Allure Store? What is the background to how this happened?

They approached us – They had built the store and approached us because Arlo is such a dream destination in SoHo – that’s what they told us. Arlo Hotels is known for providing cool partnerships for guests and neighbors. They wanted an exclusive partnership with us, to provide our customers and bring the experience to our customers and neighbors – with a wave of tourism returning to SoHo. When COVID hit, travel was curtailed and guests weren’t staying in hotels – now we’re starting to see the region come alive. Every customer who registers at SoHo receives a bag of really cool product samples (full size) and a 10% discount. If you are an Allure store customer, you automatically get 15% off at any of our Arlo locations.

How far is the hotel from The Allure Store?

It’s less than a 15 minute walk. Some of our clients stay here specifically because of the partnership. People are super charged about this.

What are some of the products in the goodie bag?

Full brands sizes include Elemis and MAGNIFYING GLASS, they participate for the three months but that will change. We include approximately 6-8 products in the tote bags. We are giving a substantial amount. These are high quality products. (Note: some of the other brands in the tote bag may include Australian brand Bondi Sands, SkinMedica, German brand Kneipp, Lumene from Finland, and many other premium products.)

How long will this partnership last?

It is three months, but we are extending it to a larger partnership. It started on October 11e.

Why are Arlo hotels famous?

Our unique approach to service, accommodation and our ‘activations’ which feature partnerships including fitness – instructors come for yoga classes – we have live music in the hotel and free access to this one – we have a wellness program with fitness instructors on our rooftops. We have paint and sip parties and you can paint with watercolors and have a craft cocktail while you do it. We do it every two weeks and customers love it.

What is the “best room” at Arlo SoHo and what’s in it and how much does it cost?

Our best room is our Queen Terrace and King City view – prices vary – Fridays and Saturdays are at their highest – from $ 159 plus tax to $ 349 plus tax.

Number of threads in the bedding?

300. It is 100% long staple cotton.

What amenities are in the bathroom?

From the neighborhood barber, Blind barber – soap, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. It’s local. They started in the East Village. We are exclusive to them – the only hotel that offers their products. They even cut the hair here on our property!

Can you say, “I’ll be there in a minute in New York?” “

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