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With international travel now having given the green light to many hopeful travellers, 2022 should be the year when people can once again get excited about travel.

With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at the most popular destinations for solo travelers to create a list of the world’s best cities, ranked for people looking to go solo this year.

To do this, we enlisted three independent solo travel experts – Adventurous Kate, Vicky Flip Flop Travels and Global Grasshopper – to find the essential aspects of a successful solo trip.

We then used this information to decide on 12 ranking metrics, including the number of hostels, local crime rate, and average cost of a meal. Each city was then judged on these factors, with Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam becoming the world’s best destination for solo travelers.

The analysis ranked 40 cities around the world, with Marrakech and Istanbul ranking second and third respectively.

Each city received 1 to 40 points for each of the 12 measures, depending on its position in each ranking, with a maximum possible score of 480.

40 Best Cities for Solo Travelers and Forbes Advisor Solo Travel Score

Destination Goal Destination Goal
1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 355 21 Tulum, Mexico 243
2 Marrakech, Morocco 347 22 Goreme, Turkey 239
3 Istanbul, Turkey 344 23 Dubrovnik, Croatia 238
4 Cairo, Egypt 339 24 Cancun, Mexico 237
5 Hong Kong, China 316 25 Sydney, Australia 235
6 Ubud, Bali 314 26 Paris, France 225
7 New Delhi, India 314 27 Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain 222
8 Bangkok, Thailand 312 28 Florence, Italy 221
9 Phuket, Thailand 311 29 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 219
ten Cuzco, Peru 306 30 Singapore, Singapore 209
11 Barcelona, ​​Spain 281 31 Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain 184
12 Athens, Greece 276 32 Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain 183
13 Jaipur, India 272 33 Paraty, Brazil 182
14 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 270 34 Natal, Brazil 178
15 Roma, Italy 265 35 Auckland, New Zealand 178
16 Arusha, Tanzania 254 36 Las Vegas, United States 173
17 Rhodes, Greece 251 37 Oranjestad, Aruba 165
18 Hurghada, Egypt 247 38 Honolulu Hawaii 148
19 Santorini, Greece 246 39 Corsica, France 141
20 Split, Croatia 244 40 Doha, Qatar 139
Forbes Advisor, April 2022

Our three independent travel bloggers also provided their top tips for a safe and enjoyable solo experience.

Adventurous Kate says, “I always recommend solo travelers to budget extra for security issues. This could be taking a taxi home at night instead of public transport, booking accommodation in a better location or neighborhood, or taking a diving course with the company with the best reputation. rather than the cheapest.

“I believe almost any destination on the planet is safe to travel by a single woman – as long as she does the proper research and preparation. Research is so important, and every country and city is different. Find out about the best neighborhoods, cultural bases, neighborhoods and activities you want to do beforehand.

“I also recommend keeping your valuables on you during transport, meaning in a bag that stays with you, not locked in a baggage hold somewhere.

“My biggest piece of advice is to consider the source when people give you travel advice. A well-meaning parent might say, ‘Don’t go to Mexico City! It’s dangerous!’ Well, the questions you need to ask yourself are: Is this person traveling? Is this person traveling in my travel style? Has this person been to this destination? visited this destination in the past 5-10 years?

“If the answer to all four questions is yes, you have an accurate source and you should listen to them; otherwise, seek information from people who actually know what they are talking about.

digital nomad

world grasshopper says, “As a digital nomad, I also always check the internet speed before heading to a destination. If my Wi-Fi keeps dropping, is very slow, or I can’t upload images, it has a huge impact on my business.

“Reliable WiFi is so important to me that I even go so far as to run a speed test before arriving. I do this by contacting my chosen accommodation beforehand, sending them a speed test link speed, asking them to run the speed test and then share the results with me.

“As a woman traveling alone, I always check the crime rate of the destination before leaving for that destination. Although there is still every chance that you can travel around the world and return without any incident, unfortunately, it is always safer to travel alone if you are a man.

“There have also been a lot of high profile recent events in the press and I myself have had a few scratches in the past. Now I am very cautious and always check crime reports and if there are any areas in a country I would be wise to avoid. “

choose wisely

Vicky Flip Flop Travel said, “As far as hostels are concerned, my recommendation would be not to choose the cheapest place. “Cheapest” often means it’s out of town, not up to standard, or has some other kind of problem. I’ve stayed in many of the cheapest hostels in the world and that just means a bad night’s sleep and a longer trip to the best places in the destination. Instead, start around the fifth cheapest and investigate from there.

“Personally, I’ve never looked at a country’s crime rate to decide where to go. Unless a country is truly unsafe, and therefore on the FCO’s “unsafe travel” list, there will generally be safe areas and places to avoid. I would look at that rather than an overall crime rate of the country.

“Safety is your number one concern when traveling alone, especially as a woman. Be careful not to get caught up in the moment and agree to something you wouldn’t normally do. However, don’t shy away from the world and new experiences – there is a fine balance to be struck! Trust your instincts – if a situation looks bad, get out. Always know your outings and have the finances to back them up.

“It’s scary to be a pioneer: to be a confident woman traveling abroad alone. You can’t just retire to bed at night and congratulate yourself on a day well-lived, you need to stay alert and bear the burden of worrying about your safety. I’m sure some women don’t even realize they’re doing it. I didn’t, until I talked to men about how they feel in certain situations and realized that they wouldn’t hesitate to accept that lift or visit the house of a place for dinner.

“Thousands of women travel every day and return having fulfilled their dreams and enriched their lives. Sending the message to women that it is too dangerous to travel limits their horizons and perspectives as it has for women’s history. Women can travel alone and enjoy it, as I have done for over 15 years now.

“If you’re nervous about traveling solo, it might be worth hitting the busiest roads. The more attractions, travel deals, backpacker bars, and restaurants you find in a destination, the more likely solo travelers are to visit with confidence. It makes things easier, more competitively priced – and there’s usually security in the count.

Know before you go

Kevin Pratt, travel insurance expert at Forbes Advisor, said: “A good mantra for solo travelers is Know Before You Go. Find out in advance about accommodation, transport, personal safety, meals and entertainment to anticipate potential difficulties and ensure you have a pleasant and rewarding experience.

“Even if you’re not heading to one of the cities we’ve researched, you can apply the metrics we’ve used to create your own picture of what life as a solo traveler might be like in the destination of your choice.

“The barriers to international travel that had been in place for two years are gradually dissipating, and Google search traffic volumes suggest people are eager to return and visit major destinations again. can only contribute to the success of a trip, especially for those who go solo.

“Practical details such as currency, travel insurance, visas, jabs… All of this can be sorted in advance so that the focus during the trip remains on exploring and appreciating what the chosen destination has to offer.”

Methodology: We’ve ranked 40 of the world’s most popular cities (according to TripAdvisor) by number of hostels, number of hostels per annual visitorsaverage hostel rating and average property price per night, based on data from:

We also tracked the average cost of a restaurant meal, the average cost of local beer, the cost of public transport per monthly pass, and the cost of a bottle of water using: Crime rate, internet speed, number of tourist attractionsand number of night attractions were also followed.

Each city that finished top for a metric received 40 points, while the worst city received 1 point. This methodology was used for all 12 measures, with the maximum possible score of 480.

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