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The British airline has struggled to maintain its schedule in recent weeks. British Airways has canceled flights to many popular European destinations.

British Airways said all affected passengers were given at least a week or two notice that the flight would not operate.

The airline is now bringing in crews and planes from its Oneworld Finnair to stabilize schedules over the summer.

easyJet is also canceling around 70 flights a day, operating mainly from its largest base, Gatwick.

Each passenger whose flight is canceled is entitled to new flights on the first day of departure if a seat is available.

This is the case even if the available seat is on a competing airline.

If an airline was responsible and the cancellation was announced with less than two weeks’ notice, a passenger is entitled to compensation.

Passengers should contact British Airways if their flight has been canceled and they have not received information.

BA is just one of the travel agencies suffering from a lack of staff. Much of the industry is struggling with personnel issues.

While some staff are sick with Covid, others left the industry during the pandemic and may have since found other work.

Heathrow and Manchester Airport have also faced staffing issues and are aiming to recruit more staff for the summer season.

This summer will mark the first peak holiday season since the pandemic began in 2020.

Many Britons are keen to get away for summer holidays now that the majority of travel restrictions have been lifted.

Unvaccinated Britons still cannot travel to Spain unless they have a recent Covid recovery certificate.


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