Britons now choose golden visa programs of EU countries to reclaim their travel rights


Despite the UK being officially outside the European Union, Britons are finding an ‘attractive’ way to continue living in EU countries by investing through the Golden Visa program.

In addition, such a program is now popular among countries outside of the UK and the European Union, reports

According to a report published by EuroNews travel, the Citizenship by Investment program currently attracts nearly € 3 billion in investment in the European Union each year.

According to one of the largest investment advisory firms, Get Golden Visa, this year could be the year of the Golden Visa, after taking into account that many “tired” people and their families are looking to change their minds. way of life.

“A healthy and sustainable lifestyle is on the 2022 agenda like never before” Founder and Managing Partner of Get Golden Visa Murat Coskun, Founder and Managing Partner of Get Golden Visa, pointed out in this regard.

Coskun said the company believes it will be a year of the golden visa frenzy, as people come up with a “plan B for how and where they want to live.”

In addition, the cabinet stressed that the main motivations for people trying to find a second residence or citizenship include an increase in remote working, Brexit and a poor response to the coronavirus situation in their own country.

According to the company, the desire to escape the hustle and bustle of city life also drives people to seek a destination that better suits their needs.

“We are witnessing a tidal wave of people eager to reconnect with nature and to have a space around them to live and work” Coskun remarked.

According to Coskun, Portugal and Greece are among the preferred destinations for internationals interested in the Golden Visa program.

He pointed out that more than 10,000 applications have been filed over the past year for residency through investments in Portugal. At the same time, Greece’s citizenship for investment program has also attracted a large number of internationals, with nearly 9,500 applications filed for golden visas by the end of 2021.

Even though the Golden Visa programs of European countries are very popular for the opportunities they offer, these programs have often been criticized for being an open door to money laundering and other illegal activities.

Recently, a report published by Associates Times pointed out that although these programs are famous for internationals interested in such investments, the Golden Visa programs of Greece and Portugal are considered to have systematic problems with their programs, while stressing that these programs are used for illicit purposes. .


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