Britons traveling to Spain warned of shortages of holiday essentials


BRITS heading to Spain this summer are being warned to expect an ice cream shortage.

The problem is blamed on the supply chain and increased demand due to hot weather and the tourism boom.


A shortage of ice affects all of Spain, but especially MallorcaCredit: Alamy

The holiday island of Mallorca is one of the destinations suffering from ice shortages, which occur in various tourist and non-tourist areas of the island.

The businesses most affected, according to the Spanish press, are supermarkets and petrol stations – with certain limitations on sales per customer.

Restaurants are currently not affected, said CAEB Majorca Restaurants president Alfonso Robledo, as they are served by factories on the island that make their own ice cream and had supplies for the winter.

Buying large packets of ice cream is commonplace in Spain unlike in the UK where Brits make their own ice cream in freezers, and according to Spanish newspaper, ice cream companies cannot keep up with demand.

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A Cubito Veloz spokesperson said, “The demand for ice cream has increased by 50 to 60 percent.”

That’s not the only change Brits can expect from vacationing in Spain this summer – even air-conditioned places are going to feel warmer.

The Spanish government has taken action to prevent the air conditioning in shops, airports and other attractions from dropping below 27°C.

The new measures were introduced to reduce gas consumption due to dependence on Russian supplies.

The hot weather has led to droughts across Spain, forcing a number of beaches to close their showers in response.

From this week they will be closed in three municipalities in the eastern part of the Costa Del Sol – Rincon de la Victoria, Velez-Malaga and Algarrobo.

Only the foot washers will continue to operate in the first two areas of the council.

This means that Britons on holiday in Andalusia and Malaga will be subject to the new restrictions.

This is not the only rule change introduced on the beaches of Spain.

Tourists who smoke on any of Barcelona’s 10 beaches are now subject to fines after a ban on lighting up on the sand was approved.

Shortages have been blamed on huge demand after Spain's three heat waves


Shortages have been blamed on huge demand after Spain’s three heat wavesCredit: Alamy

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