Canadian Bills fans rejoice as US lifts COVID travel ban in early November


Canadian fans of the Buffalo Bills make up a large percentage of season ticket holders, as estimates place the group at 10-20% of total season tickets sold each year. But for this season, Canadians on non-essential travel have not been allowed entry into the country. Likes to watch a Bills game.

From the beginning of November, restrictions will be lifted for fully vaccinated Canadians who can now attend Bills games at Orchard Park. That means just one more missed game on Oct.31 before the Bills host the Indianapolis Colts November 21.

“Since the start of the pandemic, members of our common cross-border community have felt the pain and economic hardship of closing land borders. This pain is about to end, ”Democratic Senate and New York leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

As people have referred to the resale market for the cost of secondary market tickets, many failed to calibrate it for the large number of Canadian fans who couldn’t cross the border. With the team’s game at its peak and the neighbors to the north returning, tickets for the last five games could become increasingly difficult or more expensive to find.

Like Canadians crossing the border, supporters of Highmark Stadium will still need to provide proof of vaccination for the foreseeable future.


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