Chinese police arrest young Tibetan entrepreneur, shut down business


By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, March 16: A young entrepreneur by the name of Pasang Norbu was forcibly arrested by police in Gamba County, in the so-called Tibetan Autonomous Region, on Friday, according to rights group Dharamshala. Tibet Watch. The report says the 20-year-old owner of a cycle touring business was beaten up and taken to jail after authorities shut down his business and confiscated all of his bikes.

Quoting an unnamed source, Tibet Watch revealed that despite the company’s official registration, Pasang had been ordered to shut it down. “Cycling Travel Guide Service” continued to run the business after the order, so he was forcibly taken away. “Norbu had to pay 18,000 Yuan (about 2170 GBP) to get the [business registration] permit and his business was going successfully. But county police authorities ordered him to shut down his bike tour guide service in the name of dangerous and illegal activities,” the source said. Tibet Watch.

However, his whereabouts and other details regarding his whereabouts remain unknown. According to the report, his father died when he was a student in high school, and later Pasang left his mother Tsamkyi and 13-year-old sister to build his career. he founded the company in 2020. The reason for the arrest of the young businessman still remains unclear as no information about his whereabouts has yet been released to his family of two.

According to the rights group, last year, in July, the county boundary defense committee issued an announcement providing cash rewards, including 8,000 yuan “to the informant; for units and individuals who directly capture illegal entry and exit personnel or organizer(s) or transporter(s) of other persons illegally crossing the country (border)”, “special rewards based on the number of people captured,” and “for those who proactively report abnormal situations in the border area…a reward of 50 yuan or more depending on the significance of the information and the degree of harm.


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