Christopher Lloyd wants a Rick and Morty / Back to the future crossover


Iconic Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd explains how he would have Rick and Morty intersect with the famous timeline trilogy.

Back to the future star Christopher Lloyd recently played Rick and mortyis Rick Sanchez in live-action. Now he has some ideas to officially merge Dan Harmon’s show and the Back to the future trilogy together.

Speaking at the 46th Saturn Awards, Lloyd told The Illuminerdi how he got to be part of Adult Swim Marketing for Rick and mortythe fifth season of. Lloyd, whose time-traveling franchise protagonists Doctor Emmett Brown and Marty McFly directly influenced the show’s premise, explained that “they called me and I accepted and we’ll see where. that’s okay. good idea. “

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Lloyd was then asked if he had any ideas about viewers developing a “perceptual shift” towards Doc and Marty’s personalities, given the popularity and grim storytelling of their animated semi-counterparts. In turn, the actor discussed how he and Michael J. Fox might present themselves later in Rick and morty. “Well, I was thinking that maybe if Rick and Morty were somewhere in space and Doc and Marty were accidentally there, they somehow might meet, and it might. be a good story, ”Lloyd suggested. “Where does it go from there? You know, because I think those are four characters that would be fun to watch and well written.” ‘

Before the release of Rick and mortyThe season finale of, Adult Swim kicked off a series of shorts starring Lloyd and Jaeden Martell as real-life versions of the titular Mad Scientist and his grandson. Three promos have been published, including one paying tribute to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the other two referencing both the episode “Pickle Rick” and Rick’s final monologue from Rick and mortyis a pilot.

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In Rick and mortyA two-part finale, Rick briefly separates from Morty to redeem himself from their abusive relationship while embracing an anime lifestyle with two crows. The two eventually reunite but, after visiting the Citadel of Ricks to fix Morty, are brought to the office of President Morty, who is revealed to be the Morty wearing an evil headband from Season 1.

This leads Morty to uncover multiple revelations about Rick and President Morty, in particular that the central finite curve of their multiverse is a creation designed by Rick and designed to isolate other parallel worlds where he is the smartest man in the world. world, while creating Infinite Mortys for Infinite Versions of Rick. As Evil Morty successfully destroys the citadel to open a gateway beyond the curve and leave, Rick and Morty also escape its destruction in a ship with various alternate Mortys, leaving their next travel destination unknown.

Rick and morty Season 5 arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on December 7.

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