Discover the real places of Evangelion in a new travel guide


It’s no secret that many places in evangelization are based on actual locations in Japan. Hakone is Tokyo-3, Hamamatsu is the base of Village-3, and the film’s final scene takes place in Anno’s hometown.

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Although it may be easy to find this information online, Khara and JTB (Japan Tourist Bureau) have collaborated on a evangelization travel guide that introduces the actors introducing each area, places, local foods and presenting a complete travel plan for each site. The magazine also offers a section on actual collaborations between local establishments and the series. Preview images from the magazine have also been released.

The Gospel of Rurubu

The Gospel of Rurubu

The Gospel of Rurubu

The Gospel of Rurubu

The Gospel of Rurubu

The The Gospel of Rurubu The travel guide went on sale today in Japan for 1,430 yen (US$10.60) and is available at all major bookstores and online retailers.

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