Escape the winter? Visit these tropical destinations first


Winter may traditionally be a white wonderland, but with tropical destinations, paradise is endless. Serene blue waters, powdery white and black sand beaches, verdant jungles, dancing palms, towering mountains, adventurous hikes and much more. Nothing beats the beauty of bathing in the sun, and there is so much of it in the world.

Below are the best tropical destinations to escape the winter.

ten Bali, Indonesia

Bali will never leave the list of the best tropical destinations in the world. From its terrestrial vegetation to its aquatic life, the choices will satisfy tourists. Bali is Indonesia’s most important tourist destination, which is why it is also the most expensive in the country. However, with plenty to choose from, this is also a favorite spot for backpackers on a budget. In addition, this archipelago has a lot of adventure to offer. The Balinese are also very welcoming to tourists.

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9 Barbados, Caribbean island

One of the cheapest destinations in the Caribbean islands is the colorful island country of Barbados. A topical destination for everyone, flower gardens, turquoise blue waters, festivals, etc. The beaches on this island are open to the public, with over 80 beautiful beaches, tourists will never have a hard time choosing their perfect tropical getaway. Adventures to be experienced here include surfing, island tours, food tours, and water sports activities. When it comes to accommodation, there is a lot to choose from in Barbados.

8 The Maldives

One of the best tropical destinations is the luxurious archipelago of the Maldives. It’s not just for honeymooners. Many resorts in the Maldives offer excellent family activities and facilities. The Maldives have over 100 tropical destination beaches, gorgeous overwater bungalows, scenic views, and secluded areas. Tourists can also enjoy many water adventures including snorkeling, swimming with colorful fish, cruise ship tours, and underwater experience. World-class cuisine is also served to guests.

seven Phuket, thailand

Phuket is Thailand’s largest tropical destination. With its peaceful and clear waters, its palm trees dancing with the waves and the fresh air and its historic temples, it is impossible for people not to love this paradise. It also offers one of the most affordable getaways in terms of accommodation, food, and nightlife. Phuket has plenty to do including cooking classes with Thai cuisine, exploring the night market, various nightlife getaways, animal sanctuaries, and plenty of island adventures.

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6 Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The volcanic island of Bora Bora sits in the center of the South Pacific Ocean. The volcanic views from the coast to the beaches are exceptional. What is interesting about this island is that no poisonous snakes roam there and there are no bugs. Therefore, lying on the sand, enjoying the contact of the sun, is a safe thing to do. A very popular activity here is scuba diving and snorkeling as the waters of Bora Bora are home to many aquatic species.

5 Kauai, Hawaii

With all of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is a perfect tropical destination to start a Hawaiian getaway. It presents the wonders of green nature and mountains with fascinating views of the blue waters. Kauai offers adventures ranging from exploring Hawaii’s culture and historic attractions to adventurous jungle zipline, mountain tubing, and river kayaking. Kauai is fascinating because many movies have been made here including the famous Fast & Furious, Jurassic World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar and many more.

4 Mauritius Island

The misconception about Mauritius is that it is only for honeymooners. What people don’t know is that it’s an island for everyone. Apart from the honeymoon vacations, this is the true tropical experience of Mauritius. The best places to stay are Blue Bay, Grand Gaube, the south coast etc. The hike is well worth it on this island. Tourists can also try a helicopter ride to explore the Morne Underwater Waterfall. The island is also said to have a low crime rate, which makes visiting safer.

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3 Palawan, Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical country, which is why it feels like you have a summer season all year round. Palawan has been called the most beautiful paradise in the Philippines. It includes the Tubbataha Reefs and the Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Parks, which are included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The landscape of the island gives an endless tropical vibe as it is surrounded by large boulders floating in the crystal clear waters of the lagoons. In addition, it is also an economical destination.

2 Riviera Maya, Mexico

An exceptional tropical vacation is what Mexico’s Riviera Maya offers. Offering the luxury of a budget tropical destination, the Riviera Maya is truly a must see. Serving very affordable international cuisine, superb accommodations and the clear, bustling waters of the beaches, tourists will never have a reason not to visit this paradise. The most beautiful thing to do here is to get up close to the precious dolphins, stingrays and fish. Tourists can also visit the cultural attractions of Tulum.

1 Upolu, Samoa

Upolu Island is a hidden gem of Samoa, a secluded spot perfect for enjoying a personalized and relaxing pace. Although it is not entirely hidden, it is not crowded unlike other destinations, which makes it secret. The most exciting adventure to try here includes snorkeling, surfing, swimming in crystal clear waters, fascination with beautiful waterfalls, hiking and much more. There are also caves on this island where tourists can swim freely.

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