Faye Travel Protection makes getting travel insurance quick and easy


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Earlier this year, Airbnb announced it was embarking on . Since the company aims to provide guests with a place to stay virtually anywhere in the world, hedging the bets and recommending that you prepare for the worst might make you think twice about booking.

Still, it can be a good idea to make sure your accommodation and vacation plans don’t evaporate, especially if you’ve invested a lot of time and money securing them. Faye, America’s first digital, may be worth watching before you take off. This app offers hassle-free, 24/7 customer support designed to help travelers every step of the way to repairing a fractured vacation experience.

This includes emergency and travel delay medical coverage, baggage handling and more. Travelers can even supplement their plan with add-ons such as the ability to cancel their trip for any reason, including fear of contracting COVID-19.

All users have to do is go to Faye’s website, answer a few questions about their upcoming vacation, and then let Faye calculate how much it will cost to cover their entire trip. Faye provides a . After purchase, users can download the Faye app, where they will get up-to-the-minute information on their plans, including flight alerts, weather forecasts and COVID-19 requirements at their destination, gate changes airport and even notifications for which carousel their bags will arrive at baggage claim.

If you have a problem on your excursion, you can file a claim digitally through the app and receive a refund from anywhere in the world. Faye’s new client Bonni shared, “I travel the world and have been dissatisfied with other travel insurance providers: too many options, hard to read policies, never know what’s covered and what isn’t. Faye is quite the opposite.

Faye’s speed and simplicity can give you peace of mind if plans go wrong so you can fully enjoy your trip. Currently, prospective holidaymakers can visit Faye’s website, take a quick five-question survey and ensure their entire itinerary is fully protected.

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