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Vancouver, BC | In honor of its eighth anniversary, Odd Society Spirits partnered with The Dessert Club (formerly Diner Desserts) for the inaugural “flight” of Will Travel for Food: Mexico to Spain. It’s the creative idea of ​​Sam Shem, founder and chef of the Dessert Club, and it’s the first itinerary in a pop-up taste series designed to satisfy your travel urge. The Mexico to Spain menu will be a la carte and available at Odd Society Spirits (1725 Powell St.) for two evenings only: November 18 and 19, 2021. Reservations can be made through Tock.

“We’ve been serving Sam’s amazing desserts infused with our spirits and liqueurs for about three months now,” says Odd Society Spirits co-owner and CEO Miriam Karp. “Partnering up with him to give our guests a taste of two of our favorite places in the world is the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. “

Will Travel for Food: Mexico to Spain offers delicious Spanish and Mexican tapas and desserts by Sam complemented by cocktails inspired by the time in Mexico of Odd Society bar manager Mia Glanz. Spanish Cheese and Meat Plates, Albondigas, and Crema Catalana are just three of the traditional dishes that patrons can experience, alongside an inventive list of drinks including El Diablo Slush, Margarita Tamarindo, and Sour al Pastor.

Will Travel for Food: Flight One, from Mexico to Spain – Tapas and desserts
By Sam Shem, Le Club des Desserts

Spanish potato omlette, $ 9: Spanish omelet made with potatoes, eggs and onions

albondigas, $ 9: meatballs in a tomato sauce with a hint of Spanish paprika

Assorted Spanish cheeses and pickled vegetables board, $ 20

Assortment of Spanish cheeses and charcuterie board, $ 24

Catalan cream, $ 10: custard flavored with orange, lemon and cinnamon and caramelized with sugar

Milk rice, $ 10: fresh and creamy rice pudding lightly flavored with cinnamon

Dark chocolate mousse, $ 10: with a hint of chili and Maldon sea salt

Will Travel for Food: Flight One, from Mexico to Spain – Cocktails, $ 13
By Mia Glanz, Odd Society Spirits

El Diablo Slush
Tequila blanco, Odd Society crème de cassis, lime, ginger

La Cucaracha (A version of the La Cucaracha Cocktail Club, opened in the 1930s in Mexico City.)
White rum, dry vermouth, house grenadine and Kaymagui (Mia Amata Amaro infused with anchovy chili and coffee bean.)

El Polanski (Adapted from a Jules Basement cocktail, located in the Polanco district of Mexico City.)
Tequila blanco, wild rose liqueur, Jamaican flor, lime, angelica, jicama and coconut mousse

Sour Al Pastor (Cocktail version of an al pastor taco)
Washed bastard with Al pastor pork, fino sherry infused with charred onions, pineapple, lime, yellow corn, coriander syrup, habanero chili and vegetable mousse

Marguerite Tamarindo
Mezcal, Wallflower Gin, triple sec, tamarind, lime and sea salt

Wallflower gin, mezcal, sherry fino, guanábana and Topo Chico mineral water

Michelada + Shot of Tequila, $ 10

Will Travel For Food offers 12 destinations and six collaborations in total. Guests will receive a paper passport that will be stamped at each event, and travelers who receive six of the 12 stamps are eligible to win $ 300 in gift certificates from each partner destination. Follow @thedessertclubca on Instagram for the next flight announcements.

Reservations for Will Travel For Food: Flight One, Mexico to Spain are strongly encouraged as this event is expected to be full and can be made online through Tock by visiting Reservations are $ 10 per person and include a welcome cocktail (non-alcoholic options are available).


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