Heavy showers and gusty winds could cause short-lived mid-week disruptions


It was very hot in the eastern Mediterranean with two high temperature records broken in early October. Southern Turkey saw a high of 41.2 C at Antalya Airport, which tentatively breaks Turkey’s October record since 1930. Warm air was flowing north from Africa and Cyprus also experienced its highest temperature in October with 41.2 C in Alonoudi (106 F). However, the weather changed at the end of the weekend as a cold front came in from the west.

During this week, temperatures drop from 30°C to around 20°C with a chance of showers. Much of central and southern Europe will experience a stable period of weather this week with high pressures extending over many regions. The south-west of the Iberian Peninsula remained very warm with temperatures in the Algarve and south-west Spain reaching just 30°C

There will be heavy showers and thunderstorms over the Balearic Islands by Thursday, then over eastern mainland Spain by Friday. These should be gone by Sunday. The Canary Islands and the Iberian Peninsula have seen a lot of dust in the atmosphere this week.

The National Hurricane Center has had a difficult time in recent weeks with Major Hurricane Ian hitting Florida and causing catastrophic damage and loss of life, even after strong forecasts and warnings. Hurricane Orlene hit the southwest coast of Mexico on Monday 3 with heavy rain.

Parts of Southwest and West Florida are still a disaster area and will be for some time to come. The sea surge and flood waters reached inland with heavy rain and after passing through Florida, Ian then reached the east coast of South Carolina. There has been further flooding here and high water along the coasts.

Further north, in the Mid-Atlantic and New England region, there were heavy rains, coastal flooding and rough seas along the coasts.

“An area of ​​stubborn low pressure will keep conditions unfavorable for parts of the mid-Atlantic and northeast with rain showers and gusty winds through Wednesday. Meanwhile, locally heavy to excessive rain is possible in the Four Corners region over the next few days. NWS

This affected New York with heavy rains, high winds and lower temperatures. The depressing rain and gray skies have been there for days. The weather is improving with sunny periods and a bit of heat but there will be cooler nights at the weekend.

UK rain and heavy showers for West Scotland SEPA

Here in the UK, if you’re traveling overnight or on a Wednesday, it’ll be worth keeping an eye on the radar, especially if the line of heavy showers develops. The west of Scotland has already seen high rainfall totals. Welcome to rain but quite a change as autumn really sets in.

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