Here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading Universal Travel Pass for getting around by train



Mumbai citizens who are fully vaccinated can travel on local trains, but they must wait 14 days after their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to do so. In April of this year, as the second wave of the coronavirus was at its peak in the state, local train services in Mumbai were halted for the general public. People can get passes through, a website built by the state government, according to a statement from the local Mumbai body Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority has issued QR code electronic pass services to all companies registered in Mumbai, through which you can apply for a travel pass. To prevent fraud, the state government made E-pass available only through a QR code. The pass will only be issued to people who have all the necessary information.

How do I download Universal Travel Pass to travel on local trains?

  • Visit the website of the Maharashtra Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation Department.

  • In the upper left corner of the web page, click on the Universal Travel Pass button.

  • Select Register your establishment from the drop-down menu. This is a one-off operation for which each establishment must offer a single point of contact (called a coordinator) to manage the establishment’s data.

  • A new window will appear with the establishment’s registration form. You must complete all the information concerning the establishment and the coordinator.

  • After completing all the information, check the box “I accept the conditions above”, then click on Register. Registration will be confirmed by an on-screen notification and a text message to your phone number.

  • The facility will be approved by the District Disaster Management Authority. Once accepted, the coordinator can create multiple coordinators, each of which can upload staff information using the website’s CSV template. After entering employee information from a CSV sheet, staff members will receive an SMS with instructions on how to download their travel cards from the website.

  • Staff can go to the website and click “Download Travel Pass”. To acquire an OTP, he must connect using a mobile number. After entering the OTP, the user must upload a photo in order to obtain an e-pass. Once the e-pass is generated, the user can print it out or take a screenshot of it for future reference.

Documents required for a universal pass

You will need the following documents to apply

  • Aadhar card
  • Voter ID card
  • Registration certificate
  • Government proof of identity
  • Registered company
  • Industrial papers
  • Registered mobile number

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