How to Enjoy Dining at Walt Disney World’s ‘Culinary Jewel in the Crown’, Victoria and Albert’s


Now that the holiday season is upon us, companies will likely hold events to celebrate their outstanding leadership, management, and employees who have performed well throughout the year. Victoria and Albert’s Restaurant at Walt Disney World is the perfect place to indulge in haute cuisine amid opulent aesthetics.

taking his namesake of British monarch Queen Victoria and Prince Consort Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the restaurant, located at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, has enjoyed a AAA Five Diamond rating since 2000. Additionally, it has been awarded a Five Star Award since 2018 from Forbes Travel Guide, the only restaurant in Florida to receive both awards and one of only 26 nationally.

Walt Disney World Resort describes this luxurious dining experience as its jewel in the culinary crown.

Victoria and Albert’s opened in 1988 but closed during the pandemic in 2020. During the closure, the restaurant reinvented interiors and took inspiration from Queen Victoria’s Jubilee celebration. Upgraded decor has changed from taupe lining, dark wood furnishings and dim lighting to the delicate sheen of ivory, light blue and light touches of gray accented with silver, gold and gold. pewter throughout the property which exudes a refined, modern, open and crisp atmosphere.

With its reopening on July 28, 2022, guests will be dazzled by bright lighting, shimmering crystal chandeliers, light blue wintry Victorian murals and snowy relief wall coverings inspired by English gardens.

The team and staff add to the sophistication of the atmosphere, and each is very knowledgeable about the restaurant’s history, offerings, meals, and all the exquisite ingredients used in each dish.

They pride themselves on providing impeccable service and accommodating any dietary restrictions of their guests.

Israel Perez, Butler and Sommelier, says, “People come back to Victoria and Albert’s to indulge in incredible cuisine. people come back [because] they expect friendly but non-intrusive service at the same time. People keep coming back to Victoria and Albert’s because of the incredible wine list and ever-changing menu.”

Three unique gourmet dining experiences

Victoria and Albert a high-class meal includes a decadent seven-course meal served for four hours. The menu showcases contemporary American cuisine with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, providing the masterful culinary staff with the ability to produce exquisite epicurean dishes for the most discerning palates.

Guests will have the chance to partake in an ever-changing menu which currently includes Belgian royal caviar on a cauliflower panna cotta, Glacier 52 toothfish with Glacier 51 toothfish with charred mushrooms and sambal. Diners will also have their taste buds dazzled by the Danish Hiramasa with carrots and Okinawa potatoes and the Wagyu A-5 Miyazaki with potato rösti and romesco.

For dessert, the Spectrum of Chocolate fuses a blend of specially sourced chocolates with hints of vanilla, champagne and Grand Marnier that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Diners adhering to a plant-based diet can feast on heirloom tomatoes with gazpacho and century-old balsamic and carrot tikka masala with cilantro and puri bread.

Throughout the meal, sommeliers Victoria and Albert curated the restaurant’s premier wine collection, which contains 500 selections from 35 regions, some dating back to the early 1900s. Guests can soak up a reserve d’or Massaya 2012, Gonzalez Byass Pedro Ximinez nectar and Drappier Carte D’Or Brut champagne, to name a few. However, zero-proof cocktails are available for guests who abstain from alcoholic beverages. The cost of dinner is $295 per person, and wine pairing starts at $150 per person, with flawless cocktail pairings starting at $110 per person.

For ultra exclusivity, customers can book the Queen Victoria’s bedroom, which seats eight people and offers a prix fixe tasting menu prepared by Executive Chef Matthew Sowers. Delicately embroidered sheets and immaculate crockery dress the tables, with a charming fireplace where a painting of Victoria and Albert sits above, beautifully assembled with Persian blue carpeting. The cost is $375.00 per person, and additional wine pairings start at $200.00 per guest, with seamless pairings starting at $110.00 per person.

The chef’s table is a popular three-hour adventure where guests can treat themselves to a front-row experience right in the center of the kitchen. The coveted experience can accommodate up to six people. Cost is $425.00 per person, with additional wine pairings starting at $200.00 per guest. Zero-proof offers start at $110.00 per person.

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