How to travel with a wedding dress, according to experts


Traveling with your dress (or suit) probably isn’t on the “things that really stress me out” list at the start of planning a destination wedding. But wait until 24 hours before leaving for the airport and it will show. Do you have the right garment bag? Where’s that liner you bought three years ago during the sales? Hand luggage or checked luggage? Unfortunately, no amount of Google searching will give you the peace of mind you need – there just isn’t much information on airline restrictions and guidelines for traveling with important attire.

A quick online search will be Discover many stories of failed attempts to transport dresses and suits from point A to point B. Don’t be discouraged. To help you avoid even more stress on your big trip, we spoke with two people who have worked with couples from all over the world looking to celebrate their love in a place known for its destination weddings: Iceland. Even better news, their advice translates pretty much everywhere you go.

Up front, Íris Anna Groeneweg, Head of Inflight Services and Purchasing at Icelandair, and Birna Bjornsdottir, Reykjavik-based event planner and co-owner of Pink Iceland, share their tips for making your flight (and your outfits) as smooth as possible. . possible.

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Whatever you do, don’t put your outfit in a checked bag

“Pack everything you need for your wedding day in your carry-on, from shoes to hair accessories and everything in between,” says Bjornsdottir. “A couple arrived this morning without their checked baggage. But they had everything they needed for the wedding (which was the day after they arrived) and will have the delayed luggage delivered to their Airbnb.” Groeneweg agrees: “We recommend that passengers bring important items as hand luggage, as checked baggage can never be 100% guaranteed.

Don’t just throw your stuff in your carry-on – bring some strategy to the task. Bjornsdottir suggests organizing all items in small bags and laying them out the night before to avoid any day of anxiety.

Contact the dress or costume designer for packaging advice

Before you even think about how to transport your dress or suit, think about how you will prepare it for travel. “No one can advise you better than the designer,” says Bjornsdottir. “They definitely have an opinion and expertise on how to hang, roll, fold and store your dress or suit and accessories.”

Garment bags are essential

There is no way around this one. The best way to make sure your clothes don’t fall prey to another traveller’s spilled coffee, or get crushed by a crawling suitcase, is to pack them in a garment bag. You’ll still want to follow Bjornsdottir’s suggestion for designer advice, as each piece of clothing will have its own quirks to consider, even when hanging. “Consider getting a garment bag with a hanger for better transport through the airport. This allows you to snag strollers and even suitcases as you stroll through the airport,” says Groeneweg. “Something that’s easy to fold up is also great in case you need to use the top compartment. And make sure it has a zipper, just in case customs or security need to peek. eye in the bag.


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