I struggled to become a mother for ten years and Greece saved me



Award-winning Australian celebrity, actress, comedian, television personality and writer Mary Coustas was interviewed by Greek national broadcaster ERT where she spoke about her career, her personal struggle to become a mother after 24 IVF attempts and her debt to the Greek doctors for helping her. realize his dream.

Speaking as part of ERT’s Connections program, Coustas revealed the struggles she has had on a professional and personal level, including her dream of becoming a mother and how she achieved it.

“I managed to become a mother thanks to the Greek doctors who helped me,” says the successful interpreter, adding that her doctor gave her the most precious gift, Dimitra, her little girl.

“It was very difficult. I struggled to become a mother for ten years and Greece saved me.” I had made fifteen attempts in Australia and eight in Greece until I had my daughter, ” said Coustas.



Mary Coustas is an Australian actress, comedian, television personality and writer. Originally from Melbourne, Coustas often plays the character “Effie”, a stereotypical second-generation Greek Australian prone to mishap. She graduated from Deakin University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Performing Arts and a sub-major in Journalism.

Coustas won the Logie Award for Most Popular Comedy Personality in 1993.

Coustas’ first claim to fame was in the comedy show Wogs Out of Work alongside Nick Giannopoulos, George Kapiniaris and Simon Palomares.

In 2019, Coustas joined the boys Shooshi Mango and Giannopoulos on stage in a show called Fifty Shades of Ethnic.

Coustas appeared on the popular television sitcom Acropolis Now, from 1989 to 1992, as Effie Stephanidis.

Since then, she has appeared as Effie in other TV shows and commercials. Effie also appeared on the Effie interview show, Just Quietly in 2001 and hosted her own short-lived talk show called Greeks on the Roof in 2003.

Coustas has played dramatic roles in two crime series: Skirts in 1990 and Wildside in 1998. Other roles include Grass Roots, The Secret Life of Us and Good Guys Bad Guys. Her voiceover work includes The Magic Pudding, Hercules Returns and Always Greener. She also appeared as a guest on the comedy game show Talkin ” bout Your Generation in 2012, and had a guest role in the drama Rake.

In 1992, Effie released a new single: a duet with another fictional character, Norman Gunston by Garry McDonald. The recording was their version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Amigos Para Siempre. Coustas Effie’s Guide to Being Up Yourself was published in 2003.

In his 2013 memoir All I Know: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Life, Coustas reviewed his career and reflected on the life and death of his father, grandmother and of his daughter.

She starred in two comic and fictional videos for Eurovision Song Contest, “Electronik Supersonik” (2004) and “I Am the Anti-Pape” (2006) with Australian comedian Santo Cilauro as fictional Molvanian character Zladko Vladcik.

Cilauro, along with Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner, created the popular internet phenomenon character Zladko “ZLAD!” Vladcik, a Molvanian pop idol style musician. Zlad was interpreted by Cilauro to accompany the Jetlag Travel Guide to Molvanîa.Cilauro was, with Sitch and Gleisner, co-author of the Jetlag Travel Guides to Molvanîa, Phaic Tăn and San Sombrèro.



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