Israel offers free guided tours to the public


The day after it reopens to international visitors, Israel will offer free guided tours to the public, Israel’s Tourism Ministry said.

“We are happy to share that due to a new government initiative to help support the travel industry, free guided tours will be offered in multiple languages ​​across Israel,” said Eyal Carlin, Tourism Commissioner for North America.


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“Open to all, tours are available in our national parks and cities. With the country’s recent reopening to international travellers, we are happy to welcome visitors back to Israel and provide them with the best possible experience. Guided tours are a fun, educational and free way to explore our beautiful country.

Tours can be booked on the websites of Israel’s nature and parks authorities in cities and national parks across the country.

“To date, more than 1,800 tour guides have responded to the invitation to participate in this project and tours will soon be offered in English, Russian, French and Arabic in addition to the Hebrew tours currently available,” the official said. Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tourism says.

Israel reopened to international visitors in January.


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