Italy lifts more restrictions, including vaccine passports and mask mandate


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Italy has joined the growing list of countries removing their Covid-19 restrictions by announcing it will drop the use of vaccine passports and partially repeal its indoor mask mandate.

In doing so, the hugely popular travel destination – the fourth most popular overseas destination for US travelers in 2019 and expected to be popular again this year – will now be considerably more attractive to overseas travelers this summer, which will be able to enjoy a relatively normal trip to the country.

While the use of vaccine passports and indoor masks may well be on the way out in Italy, travelers should keep in mind that there are still several other restrictions that remain for now in the country. .

Here’s a closer look at Italy’s changes, as well as a rundown of the country’s current entry requirements and Covid-19 restrictions that travelers will need to follow.

Changes to restrictions in Italy – What travelers need to know

Italy made headlines at the start of the pandemic by becoming the first European country to be seriously affected by Covid-19. As a result, the Italian government has put in place several strict restrictions designed to prevent the spread of Covid-19. While several countries on the continent have already lifted most of their restrictions, Italy has come a bit late to the party – but its restrictions have finally started to ease.

Since yesterday, Italy has made several key changes to its Covid-19 restrictions. Travelers to the country will be relieved to learn that the country the indoor mask mandate has now been relaxed considerably, with masks no longer needed in places such as supermarkets, restaurants, bars, workplaces and shops – a move that makes the idea of ​​visiting the country much more appealing to summer travellers.

Travelers should note, however, that this is not a complete repeal of the indoor mask mandate, with masks still required on public transport, cinemas and healthcare facilities, but it is a promising start.

In situations where masks are still required, travelers should ensure they have FFP2 masks, along with cloth masks and basic surgical masks that are no longer accepted by the country.

Travelers will also be happy to know that vaccine passports will no longer be used in the country.

Since May 1, it is no longer mandatory to present a “Green Pass” to access shops and services in Italy. This means that there will again be vaccine passport-free access to local and national public transport, bars and restaurants, shops, museums, theatres, cinemas, stadiums, gyms and spas. As the summer tourist season resumes, stopping the vaccine passport will be key to keeping queues moving, which can hamper entry to attractions and restaurants.

Italy has also dropped a restriction travelers faced before even landing in the country. Since yesterday, Italy no longer requires passengers to complete the EU Passenger Locator Form.

Once used by public health authorities to facilitate contact tracing in case travelers are exposed to an infectious disease, the requirement is no longer valid – another example of how countries are now choosing to live with the virus.

Italian cafe with blurry dome of Florence in the background, Italy

To enter Italy, travelers will have to show a of the following:

  • Proof of vaccination against Covid-19, such as the “white card” bearing the CDC logo for travelers based in the United States
  • A medical certificate confirming recovery from Covid-19 valid for six months from recovery
  • A negative molecular PCR test result taken within 72 hours of arrival or a rapid antigen test result taken within 48 hours of arrival

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