I’ve had ear pain while flying for years – it’s the only thing that helps me


Traveling the world and seeing beautiful sites has always been one of my favorite things. Yet, no matter how much I look forward to the destination, there’s always one thing that stands in my way and my dream vacation: the flight downhill.

As far back as I can remember I have always had horrible pain in my ears when my eardrums burst during the descent. This led to a migraine that split my head, knocking me out for the rest of the day and, in extreme cases, the next day. I started to dread the flights, knowing the pain I would have to face. As fun as traveling can be, it takes some of the fun out of knowing what lies ahead. But after some research, I discovered EarPlanes. Now I can’t imagine going on a plane without them.

What are they?

EarPlanes are spiral earplugs made with hypoallergenic silicone to slow the change in air pressure that occurs during descent. The decrease in pressure puts less strain on the eardrum, helping to decrease discomfort. Cabin noise is also reduced by 20 decibels.

Use with ease

To insert the EarPlanes, simply place one of the plugs in your ear and twist clockwise until snug. Repeat with the other ear.

They are reusable

EarPlanes can be used for a maximum of two flights before needing to be replaced.

There are two sizes

A full size is available for adults, while a shorter option is made for children. If the adult size seems too big, the child EarPlanes will fit adults with smaller ears.

An app will tell you when to insert

The EarPlanes+ app assesses the air pressure in the cabin and sends you a notification when it’s time to use the EarPlanes.

What do others think?

“I’ve had ear problems most of my life. The air pressure problem affected me so much that I couldn’t fly for about 15 years because of the dizziness I got while flying. I could feel the slightest movement of the plane and my ears would deflate and I was horribly dizzy. I tried Dramamine, Bonine and the behind the ear patch, and they never worked. My new job required me to travel, so I knew I had to figure out how not to lose sleep worrying about flying, so as a last ditch effort, I bought these from Amazon.

“I couldn’t believe how well it worked, it completely changed my life. I noticed instantly during take off that I didn’t feel the ‘motion’ of the plane going up like I always had done before, or when the plane was tilting to turn, or during descent (which was always the worst part of me) I guess the pressure difference for me caused issues, but probably the biggest problem was due to anxiety about what I expected. I had 4 of the most “normal” flights of my life thanks to EarPlanes. I can’t thank this company enough for this product. – John Taylor

“I hated flying when I was younger, and even when I started to get older the thought of anything less than a non-stop flight was a no-go, and then a friend told me about it. J I was ready to try anything at that time because I had no choice but to fly due to the death of a family member.

“What a game changer!!

“The pressure and pain I felt before? Faded away! Tears and embarrassment? FADED AWAY! In fact, I was afraid that they would “improve” them and I thought that would change what was already perfect, but no, just as good, if not better!

“I’ve given 4 stars for noise cancellation just in case anyone wants them strictly for that. Noise and voice are at a pleasant quiet level, but you can still hear instructions on an airplane in emergency. (Personally, I love it, so for me it was all 5!!” – Jolene

They are now an essential item on my packing list

As I prepare for a trip to Disney World next week, one of the first things I made sure to buy was a set of these EarPlanes. They’re number one on my packing list, and they should be on yours too.

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