Let the stars decide the fate of your vacation with destinations for every zodiac sign


Plan your trips based on your stars. Spot your sun sign below in this range of destinations suitable for each zodiac sign.

Since summer is ready to knock on your doorstep, it’s time for you to activate your #VacayMode and pack your bags for an intimidating travel escape. But if you don’t know which destination to choose, just follow the stars. Since your stars have the ability to predict what lies ahead, why not get some future perspective on your travels?

This time, your zodiac will lead you on a refreshing summer getaway by choosing travel destinations suitable for each zodiac sign. So get ready because your personality traits are about to decide which travel destination is best for you.

Travel destinations for each zodiac sign:

Aries: A journey full of variety in Bali


While travel is on your mind, let’s start with the most energetic souls, the Aries clan. These electric personalities crave variety, speaking of which, Bali seems like the right choice for these wanderers. From the fanciest bars and quaint cafes to a plethora of adventure sports to invest in, Bali is by far the best destination to satisfy the bustle of these A-listers.

Taurus: a luxurious getaway in Italy


Don’t even think you can make these bulls settle for anything ordinary. As things stand, it takes a lot of belief for them to go on vacation, so if they decide to go, it definitely has to be a luxurious vacation. On that note, the 50km coastline of Italy’s Amalfi Coast seems like a destination suited to their tastes. The wine, the food and the soothing weather are what make it a perfect destination for them. In addition, the panoramic views require aesthetic feeding on this gram, which draws this zodiac directly into this destination.

Gemini: socializing in Goa


Next come the worldlings, Gemini. Hopping into bars, greeting a new group of people and being an all-time party maniac is what comes out right away – GEMINI. Considering this, Goa is undoubtedly the most suitable travel destination for these signs. Quaint cabins, breezy cocktails and lively people certainly count as a package deal for these social butterflies this summer.

Cancer: home away from home in Australia


Even though Cancers are more likely to be couch potatoes and chill at home with their #FamBam, if this summer they’re looking to break the monotony and choose a fitting escape, well, it has to be Australia. The soothing sunsets, calming beaches, and family aura of the place tick off the cancer checklist. Plus, Australia’s cozy nest will make them feel like home away from home.

Leo: Enjoying Istanbul’s Exquisite Culture


The holiday mood of these Lions depends on the majesty and exquisiteness of the destination. So after much consideration, we think Istanbul, Turkey would be an ideal destination to feed the lion’s ego. Their love for art and appreciation for royalty make Istanbul a worthy destination for their next getaway.

Virgo: In Search of Perfection in Peru


Finding the travel destination for each zodiac might not be a difficult task to pull off, but when it comes to Virgo, well, all we can say is good luck. These perfectionists and “crystal clear” personas probably wouldn’t go to an uncomfortable or messy destination. Keeping their standards in mind, Macchu Picchu, Peru looks like the real deal. The neat high elevations, scenic hiking, and architectural vibe of the place certainly serve their excitement.

Libra: a romantic getaway to Greece


Well, looks like we’ve got the romantics on board. Libras, fans of love and beauty, are always on the lookout for elite destinations to serve their passion. And Santorini, Greece certainly serves its purpose. Elegant evenings paired with overflowing glasses of sparkling rosé, scenic ferry rides, and other cultural pleasures count as an ideal Libra vacation.

Scorpion: An all-in-one trip to California


A combination of almost everything, ranging from dark, deep, beautiful to intense, spells out SCORPIO. And considering all of that, Los Angeles, California is by far the best destination to serve these wanderers. This renowned land offers everything from calming beaches, soothing sunsets, wild nights and star-studded celebrities to matcha lattes, making it an ideal stopover for Scorpios this summer.

Sagittarius: Trek Your Way In The Himalayas


There’s probably no place on Earth that Sagittarians wouldn’t want to explore. These all-time adventurers are always on the lookout for something extraordinary. So, by adding the ‘plus’ to their ordinary souls, Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh certainly has the power to satisfy these impulsive characters. Scenic hikes, delicious food, quirky cafes and the cultural tone of the hills are what suit them best.

Capricorn: an ideal getaway in Prague


Now we have the hard line workers, the Capricorns. Each zodiac’s travel destination is chosen based on their personality traits, likewise, Caps seem to find an escape where they can relax away from the affairs of the world. Their relaxed, soothing and picturesque requirement makes Prague a suitable destination. Exploring this central European hub on foot seems like an ideal choice. From historic landmarks and bustling beer cafés to walkable streets, Prague is the perfect destination to attract Capricorns.

Aquarius: an original and innovative glimpse of Seoul


Further down the travel destinations for each zodiac sign, we have Aquarians who rely on innovations. They’ll probably plan a trip you wouldn’t have thought of in your wildest dreams. Speaking of innovation, Seoul in South Korea is their go-to destination for looking for something unusual. Distinguished culture, quirky fashion and exploration of their historical culture make Seoul a suitable choice for these zodiacs.

Pisces: Full of passion and Romance-Paris!


It’s time for Paris baby! After Libra, Pisces reserves a place for the most romantic zodiacs of all time. Keeping in mind their need for a passionate and romantic setting, where better than Paris to spend your summers? So, pack your bags and bring out your deep romantic side because passion and romance count as the middle name of Paris.

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