MHRA calls for removal of remaining travel restrictions


The Malta Hotel and Restaurant Association (MHRA) said it fully supports calls from travel and tourism stakeholders to end all remaining travel restrictions.

“While acknowledging the efforts made by relevant national authorities to manage the spread of the pandemic, the reduction in Covid-19 protocols that has taken place to date does not go far enough to reflect the latest developments on this front in a important source of tourism markets and competing destinations,” the MHRA said.

MHRA chairman Tony Zahra said: “A patchwork of restrictions does nothing to prevent the spread of Covid but rather complicates operations unnecessarily, leading to airport delays and business inefficiencies.”

“Over the past few weeks we have seen economies reopen. It is time to remove ineffective restrictions and allow people to travel freely,” Zahra said.

The MHRA reaffirmed that international travelers seek safe destinations that offer the path of least resistance, “and at this time despite this we are a safe destination with all vaccinations taken we are still considered a path of resistance for This situation continues to have a negative impact on the recovery, although the outlook for a recovery in the tourism sector for the coming season is very positive,” the MHRA said.

Zahra said the war in Ukraine has created a situation in which countries like Cyprus and Turkey, which relied heavily on Russian and Ukrainian tourists, will focus their efforts on marketing their products to other source countries, “whose most are our markets”. expect serious competition in these markets and must be able to compete on a level playing field, making it imperative that these restrictions be removed immediately.”


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