Ministry of Tourism plans to develop Bodh Gaya as a year-round tourist destination


The Union Tourism Ministry plans to develop Bodh Gaya, an important Buddhist pilgrimage site, as a year-round tourist destination and is working to put in place the necessary infrastructure and facilities, officials said on Thursday. .

Officials said the place in Bihar’s Gaya district primarily attracts older people for religious and spiritual tourism, but efforts are also being made to attract young people.

A tourism conference was held in Bodh Gaya on Tuesday, attended by Tourism Ministry Director General G Kamala Vardhana Rao, as well as senior central and state officials.

Rao said the government is committed to developing tourist sites related to Buddhism.

He said that in order to attract tourists from all over the world, there is a need to strengthen connectivity and infrastructure here, something the government is working on.

The Mahabodhi temple complex is located in Bodh Gaya. The Buddha attained enlightenment under a sacred Bodhi tree here.

There is also a need to work on adventure tourism and other new concepts to attract young tourists.

The conference focused on developing infrastructure and improving air, rail and road connectivity. The Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with various central ministries and the state governments of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, is developing a Buddhist tourist circuit.

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