Netherlands shortens validity of vaccination cards from February 1


Dutch authorities plan to shorten the validity of vaccination certificates from February 1.

According to the latest rules on the EU vaccination certificate, the Netherlands will only accept vaccination certificates indicating that the holder has taken the last dose of vaccine in the past nine months, reports

However, the decision still needs to be approved by the authorities to begin to be fully effective.

As soon as the new vaccination passport rule is adopted by the Dutch authorities, those who do not hold a valid vaccination passport will be refused entry to the Netherlands.

On the other hand, those who receive a recall will be able to enter the Netherlands without having to go through strict entry rules as long as the country does not impose testing requirements or other national rules. .

Earlier in December, the Commission of the European Union announced that it had adopted new rules on EU vaccination passes. The Commission has revealed that from February 1, vaccination cards will be valid for a period of 270 days.

Announcing the new rules, the Commission stressed that all EU member states should have uniform acceptance of vaccination passports and maintain coordinated travel measures.

“A clear and uniform acceptance period for vaccination certificates will ensure that travel measures continue to be coordinated”, noted the Commission.

The Commission explained that according to the new rules, the booster doses would also be recorded in the certificates in order to facilitate the travel process. The booster doses from the two-dose vaccination series will be recorded as “3/3”. On the other hand, boosters of single-dose vaccines will be recorded as “2/1”.

In addition, the same clarified that those who recovered from the virus and received the first dose of the vaccine would have recorded it in their certificates as “2/1”.

“The nine-month acceptance period for vaccination certificates will give citizens and businesses the certainty they need to plan their trips with confidence,” he added. Didier Reynders, justice commissioner, said.

Previously, Dutch authorities imposed mandatory quarantine requirements for travelers arriving from the United States. It was announced that as of December 30, all travelers from the United States, including those who have been fully vaccinated and recovered from the virus, would be required to remain isolated for ten days upon arrival in the Netherlands.

However, the quarantine period may be shortened if a negative test result is presented on the fifth day of quarantine.

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