New Zealand entry requirements: what you need to know if you are going to New Zealand for work


Find out about New Zealand entry restrictions with our travel guide and advice for doing business on Covid-19 testing, self-isolation and lockdown measures.

After a long pandemic closure, New Zealand reopened its borders on July 31, 2022: all eligible travelers are allowed to apply for a visa to enter New Zealand. Due to the low number of Covid-19 cases and a highly vaccinated population, the New Zealand government removed most COVID-19 rules on September 12, 2022. However, there are still important requirements to be met when entry into the country, particularly for people traveling to New Zealand by air.

1. New Zealand Entry Requirements

New Zealand has reopened the international border to all eligible travelers who can now enter and apply for a visa, particularly required for non-Australian or non-New Zealand citizens. Although the New Zealand government has lifted most of the Covid-19 restrictions, some requirements are still in place, including for travelers entering the country by air (such as RAT testing and New Zealand Traveler Declaration). Zeeland).

2. Does New Zealand require the Covid vaccine?

As of September 12, 2022, travelers entering New Zealand are no longer required to be vaccinated. All travelers must be up to date with Covid-19 vaccines anyway, before traveling to New Zealand.

3. Covid-19 testing in New Zealand

As of September 12, 2022, travelers entering New Zealand are no longer required to test for Covid-19. However, all air travelers are encouraged to undergo testing on certain days after arrival. Please contact our experts for more information.

4. Self-isolation

Travelers who test positive or develop symptoms of Covid-19 must self-isolate for 7 days. The New Zealand government allows leaving self-isolation to take a PCR test.

5. New Zealand Traveler Declaration

All travelers entering New Zealand by air must complete the Travel Form prior to departure. They will receive a Travel Pass by post which can be printed or saved on their mobile phone. This pass contains a unique QR code valid for the journey. Please ask our experts how you can find the travel form, i.e. how to get the ticket.

6. Containment measures in New Zealand

New Zealand’s COVID-19 Shield Framework (a traffic light-based shield system) has come to an end. Due to low case numbers and a highly vaccinated population, most COVID-19 rules were lifted in the country on September 12, 2022. However, some Covid-19 measures are still in place, such as:

  • some employers may still require workers to be vaccinated for health and safety reasons;
  • a protective mask should always be worn in healthcare settings, such as hospitals.

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