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In times of crisis, as the war in Ukraine continues to cause a humanitarian catastrophe and the cost of living soars across Europe, after a long, cold winter in the UK, many would think nothing could spoil a few days of vacation in the Canary Islands.

However, the Englishman found many reasons to complain, which he posted on Twitter for the hundreds of his followers.

The nightmare of the tourist, who calls himself Sir Pier Dole on Twitter, began even before he set foot on the Spanish archipelago.

Filling in his passenger locator form, he said he responded with ‘other’ when asked when he received the Covid vaccine.

However, he received a QR code needed to fly. He commented, “What’s the point?”

He then flew to Tenerife from Birmingham Airport, where the smoking area was closed. He complained, “Why did I go airside so soon?”

Later, referring to Birmingham Airport, he asked: “Why don’t you allow smokers anymore?”

And joked: “In the future I will move to Manchester.”

After arriving in Tenerife, the man posted a Tweet complaining about the strict regulations.

He said: “Face masks of course, but if you walk down the road smoking you can be fined €1000.

“You have to stop and smoke standing up.

“I would like to know the science.”

The man was worried about his safety due to the poor condition of the ferry that took him from Tenerife to La Gomera.

He posted a photo of the ferry, saying: “I boarded the ferry from Tenerife to La Gomera.

“That rusty old rattle bucket sure won’t.”

According to the tourist, the ferry was very noisy when boarding and needed repairs.

The man also posted a short video of part of the ferry that appeared to be detached.

He commented: “Collapse but you have to wear a mask to protect yourself.”


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