Omicron variant prompts international tourist destinations to update security measures and travel restrictions



A new variant impacts the travel industry.

Three of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations say they have found new cases of COVID-19 with the Omicron variant.


Britain, Italy and Germany all claim the new strain of the virus has entered their respective countries, prompting British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – as well as the country of Israel – to implement measures to security updates.

According to a Reuters News Service article, Israel is banning all foreign visitors to the country and will resume its counterterrorism efforts that include phone tracking technology.

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In England, Johnson said “We will require anyone entering the UK to take a PCR test by the end of the second day after arrival and self-isolate until they test negative. “

The Omicron variant originated in southern Africa and several countries – including the United States – have banned travel for anyone traveling from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini , Mozambique and Malawi.

There have been two cases detected in Britain and two in Germany, and one case discovered in Milan, Italy, although Chris Witty, the chief medical officer in Britain, has expressed optimism about Omicron.

“There is a reasonable chance that at least there will be some degree of vaccine escape with this variant,” Witty said.

It will be very important to see how the stock market reacts when it reopens on Monday, November 28. Travel inventories fell on Friday 25 following news that the United States, Canada and several European and Asian countries have imposed travel restrictions on countries in southern Africa.

Since then, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Oman, Kuwait and Hungary have also announced new travel restrictions.



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