Qantas unveils ‘welcome guide’ for international travel



He also pledged to “hold in hand” passengers over the next few months as they adjust to the new normal, including inviting every passenger by text or email to seven days, four days and one day. of their theft on the forms and COVID- 19 tests that they must complete and download.

Qantas app for travelers.

“We’ve had a lot of questions about what the trip will be like,” Stephanie Tully, Qantas Group Customer Director, said Thursday morning at the airline’s flagship Sydney International First Lounge.

“The short answer is ‘same the same but different’.”

Aside from a lot of hand sanitizer, no more signs and everyone on site wearing masks – plus the promise of more paperwork and paperwork for travelers, as well as pre- and post-flight COVID-19 testing – the essential experience, look and feel are the same.

Regular first-class passengers will be particularly relieved to see the return of veteran doorman Nestor when the lounge reopens on Monday.

Neil Perry is still executive chef, and the living wall is as green as ever (and in need of cutting), while below the lounge the airport was in turmoil on Thursday as duty-free staff, employees of the airport and the baristas were put in their footsteps.

After being grounded for months, most of Qantas’ crew focused on the many positives. “We want people now to buy plane tickets the same way they bought toilet paper last year,” said international flight attendant Wassim Dakarmanji. “We are desperate to be back in the air not only for work, but also to take our vacations. “

International flight attendant Wassim Dakarmanji urges people to “buy plane tickets like you bought toilet paper last year.”

Despite the undeniable feel-good factor, making sure passengers show up at the airport with the necessary documents for their final destination puts most airlines, including Qantas, on high alert.

“Our practice will be hand-held throughout the process,” Ms. Tully said.

“We need to be very clear on what customers will need to do. Once a customer books an international flight, communication will begin immediately in terms of government requirements for testing and vaccinations ”.

Under the revised rules, carrying a nearly full load, the QF12 will depart Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at 9 p.m. on October 30 local time, arriving in Sydney at 6 a.m. on Monday. Later today, a Qantas flight will depart Sydney for London via Darwin at 6.30pm, followed by a 9.55pm departure for LAX.

To arrive at the airport ready to take off, all passengers, regardless of airline, will need their passport (with a validity of at least six months), as well as the new international COVID-19 vaccination certificate ( ICVC) issued by Australia, available free of charge. from, created by the Australian government as a secure way to prove your COVID-19 vaccination history.

Qantas also recommends that passengers download the free IATA Travel Pass, issued by the International Air Transport Association, which will integrate with the Qantas app.

Sydney Airport did not change its official advice to arrive three hours before check-in, but a spokesperson acknowledged the importance of allowing enough extra time, and “most importantly, to make sure that you have done your research on your destination. requires”.

Naturally, the flying kangaroo has no shortage of attractions to welcome its flyers again: the Sydney First Lounge will reopen on Monday after nearly 22 months of hibernation, and passengers in business class and holders of a Gold Pass will have access until ‘at the opening of the other exhibitions. .

A new menu with lots of herbal products, more in-flight entertainment than ever before, redesigned retro amenity kits, and even a new cocktail consisting of Davidson plum and lime are on offer.

A “Welcome to the Country” message will also now be displayed on all international flights.



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