Responsible for being Icelandic in LingQ


Rökkvi Vésteinsson is a computer programmer, travel guide and self-confessed comedian and language nerd.
Ernir Eyjolfsson

He is a computer programmer, travel guide and comedian. Rökkvi Vésteinsson is responsible for the fact that LingQ has added Icelandic to its choice of languages ​​to learn.

Rökkvi says he constantly heard Icelanders complaining that immigrants didn’t know Icelandic, and yet he felt they weren’t really willing to help them in this process. He contacted a LingQ employee and asked if it was possible to add Icelandic to his list of languages ​​in the app.

No excuses

“I was told that the only thing I had to do was translate these sixty mini sagas and read them and that the quality had to be top notch. When I heard that, I had no excuse not to,” Rökkvi told

LingQ is an app for learning languages ​​primarily through reading. The idea is to have the material interesting and suitable for a new learner who will then read as much material as possible. The amount of new students’ exposure to the target language is a key issue in the learning process, so sometimes the quality of the material takes a back seat.

Question of being right or being understood

Rökkvi says that the theoretical teaching of languages, as often seen in schools, is not as useful in some ways for new students, because it is more important to be able to express oneself in the new language in order to be understood. , rather than expressing it. properly, which would definitely be a longer process.

“If you can say something and you will be understood, even if you say it badly, you can have a conversation. This skill is much more important than knowing certain grammatical terms.

Rökkvi encourages writers and others to use LingQ and allows the company to use their materials for free to make the learning process more exciting.


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