Returning after a 2-year hiatus, Natas Fair sees a younger crowd as travelers opt for more ‘exotic’ destinations


SINGAPORE – After a two-year hiatus, the National Association of Travel Agents of Singapore (Natas) show returned and was held at the Singapore Expo on Friday August 12, welcoming crowds eager for “travel of revenge”.

Tour operators at the Changi Convention and Exhibition site said attendance was better than expected, although they observed some travel preferences had changed.

For example, they noted a tendency for young people to turn to agencies and sign up for tours.

Mr. Jeremiah Wong, Senior Director of Marketing Communications at Chan Brothers Travel, said: “Customers who are used to traveling ‘free and easy’ are also turning to us to book tours, especially those bringing their parents. .”

Ms. Michell Devina Ngan, Marketing Manager of the Travel Corporation, said her business has also received registrations from young couples, possibly due to the need to easily manage travel restrictions.

Mr Shawn Patrick, 20, said it was his first time at the travel fair. It normally travels freely and easily. “I’m planning a trip for my parents,” he said.

Despite rising costs, travelers are now more inclined to take single-destination packages.

Retired businessman Steven Oh, 61, who had just returned from Thailand, said he planned to take an organized trip to Australia or New Zealand later this year.

After browsing through several packages at the Natas lounge, he isn’t too concerned about the rising cost of package travel, which tour operators say has jumped up to 20%, mainly fueled by an increase in the cost of rail travel. plane.

“I think it’s a good time to revisit countries and have a good time…Even at a higher cost, I would prefer the travel company to make all the arrangements for me and my wife, so that we let’s focus on relaxing.” added Mr. Oh.

He was among several customers interviewed by TODAY who expressed a desire to travel, despite the higher costs.


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