Slovenský Grob: Taste the best roast goose in all of Slovakia


8. Dec 2021 at 12:00 I Quality content

Slovenský Grob’s geese roasting tradition is the result of the natural fertility of the land.

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Slovenský Grob, located less than 30 km northeast of Bratislava, can boast a history of roasting geese.

The village’s bustling thoroughfare and manicured houses lining the main road may at first evoke feelings of a suburban street, but the faint smell of farmyards will quickly remind visitors of the village’s earthy history.

The tradition of roasting geese at Slovenský Grob is the result of the natural fertility of the land, which has been the site of lakes, marshes and arable pastures for centuries. With its ideal conditions for roasting poultry, geese were traditionally kept for private use or for sale by local families, and the custom of selling geese ready for roasting only emerged in the last century, when an economic crisis has forced many families to sell roast meat. in the markets of Pezinok, Svätý Jur and Bratislava.


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