SNP Heroes’ Trail gets a new shelter


New generation “high quality” building located in Volovské vrchy.

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The Slovak National Uprising (SNP) Heroes’ Trail, which crosses Slovakia from Dukla in eastern Slovakia to Devín in the west, is the longest marked tourist route in Slovakia with a total length of 770 kilometres.

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A new tourist shelter has now been opened on the road in the Volovské Vrchy Hills near Košice, Košice Region Tourism reported.

“Slovakia has a lot to offer both domestic and foreign tourists, so we decided to build a new generation of mountain huts in the Slovak mountains with high-quality architecture and minimal impact on the environment,” explained Patrik Pajta from the club. Hikemates who, together with the regional authorities of Košice and the regional tourism organization, were behind the project.

“The Volovské vrchy refuge will provide a safe haven for all mountain lovers,” he said.

Košice regional governor Rastislav Trnka said he wants to continue the project and support the construction of another tourist refuge next year.

Visitors can use the Volovské Vrchy building for accommodation with a total capacity of 10 beds, and as a place to eat – it is equipped with a stove and a dining area.

The refuge, in Kloptáň, is accessible from the village of Vyšný Medzev. The local areas have one of the purest airs in Slovakia. Other local attractions include Medzevský Hámor, Jasovská Jaskyňa Cave and the vegetable church of St. Ladislav above the village of Debraï.

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