Spain to make some train journeys free this fall


Son some public train journeys in Spain will absolutely cost Nope both for locals and tourists.

The country recently announced that anyone will be able to board the various trains between popular tourist destinations on the public rail network, Renfe, free of charge from September 1 until at least the end of the year.

While the purpose of the free tickets is to help ease the inflation crisis for residents, visitors can also use them. There are, however, certain stipulations for the program. Namely, free rides are not available for single-trip commuter trains or long-distance routes (like Madrid to Murcia).

It applies to trips with multiple tickets (10 or more) on commuter trains Where medium-distance routes (less than 300 kilometers, or about 186 miles). Still, tickets between many major tourism hotspots would be covered, like Leon in Madrid, From Granada to Malaga, from Cordoba to Seville, from Madrid to Toledo, from Barcelona to Tarragona, from La Coruña to Santiago and from Valencia to Requena Utiel. Normally, most soon to be free trains usually cost less than $20 per ride.

This new policy comes on top of the 30% discount on all public transport, including buses and trams, which has been announced in June.

Spain is not the only country in Europe to have reduced transport costs this year. The German national railway, Deutsche Bahn, has announced a Program of tickets at 9€/month in May. It can be used on local or regional trains until the end of August.

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