S’poreans traveling to M’sia with outstanding road summons risk being arrested or banned from travel, more than 108,000 unsettled summonses


Traveling to Malaysia after land border restrictions have been completely lifted? It is advisable to check for outstanding traffic offenses beforehand.

The Royal Malaysian Police posted a message on Facebook on April 7 regarding pending traffic summons in Malaysia.

A total of 143,427 traffic summonses were issued to Singaporeans between 2016 and 2021, according to Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) Director Datuk Mat Kasim Karim.

Of this number, 108,757 have yet to be paid.

The subpoena covered various offenses such as cutting queues, ignoring traffic lights, driving over the speed limit and not wearing a seatbelt or helmet.

Datuk Mat Kasim said authorities could stop Singaporean traffic offenders with an outstanding summons from leaving Malaysia.

He added that the total number of summonses was not due to the absence of enforcement measures but to the fact that the police did not have the addresses of the offenders to whom to send the summonses.

Malaysian authorities will release a new registration system that would allow police to acquire the necessary information about traffic offenders to issue summonses.

“You must settle any pending summons on the roadway or risk being arrested, detained overnight and charged in court in Malaysia,” the Facebook page ROADS.sg wrote on Friday, April 9, sharing the news of the announcement. .

Members of the online community have also noted that vehicles with pending traffic offenses may have changed ownership during the period. “Bad luck for those who bought these cars as they may be taken by surprise by the Malaysian police,” said Facebook user Joseph Sim.

ROADS.sg has attached the following link where motorists can check for unpaid fines./TISG

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