Sustainability in travel, climate change awareness on travelers’ minds this year, report says


Traveling sustainably has become the norm and a very important factor among Indian travelers who want to reduce their carbon footprint. This realization has given rise to many travel trends in recent times.

Digital travel company, in its 2022 Sustainable Travel Research Report, finds that 91% of Indian travelers want to travel sustainably in the coming months, a 76% increase on 2021 data from the society. Additionally, 94% of travelers confirmed that sustainable travel is important for them; 68% said recent news about climate change prompted them to make such choices.

Nearly 64% said the sustainability efforts of accommodation and transportation providers play a huge role in shaping their decisions. In fact, 88 percent say they are likely to choose a sustainable housing, whether you are specifically looking for one or not.

According to the report, 68% of travelers confirmed that they had seen sustainable accommodation on an online travel site in the past year and 69% said they actively sought information about a company’s sustainability efforts. property before booking it.

A more encouraging trend is that 80% of travelers said they had actually stayed in sustainable accommodation in the past year.

A more interesting part of the report was that 97% of Indian travelers intend to stay in a sustainable property at least once in the coming year, while among those who have not stayed in such housing, 29% said they had not. I don’t even know they existed.

This is a 51% drop from 2021, indicating awareness; nearly 37 percent, however, said they still didn’t know how to find them. And 28% admit they don’t actively pursue sustainability a property’s efforts before booking, but if “easily accessible” they can still review it.

Just like the previous one, this year too, travelers want to avoid busy and over-visited destinations. According to the report, 42% of travelers said they would travel exclusively outside of peak season, and 64% said they would avoid popular tourist destinations. In fact, 42% would even choose an alternative to their preferred destination to avoid overcrowding.

While 55% of Indian travelers find it difficult to find less crowded “attractive destinations”, 44% believe it is not possible to find such options in cities and elsewhere. popular tourist destinations.

With mindful travel as a goal, 31% said they chose to travel to a destination closer to home to reduce their carbon footprint and 31% said they were looking for public transport and/or bike rental options ; 39% choose to travel by train rather than car and 43% are “ashamed to fly” because of its impact on the environment.

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