The best UK hotel openings of the year – and hot deals for 2022



Columnists for the Hit Squad Hotel from Telegraph Travel reflect on their favorite stays of the year and what 2021 has been like in the hospitality industry. From new age country houses in the Peak District to London’s first “iceberg hotel”, there was a lot to enjoy. Plus, each writer shares a hot hotel to watch and book in 2022.

The Londoner

With no room for missteps, UK hotels emerged stronger from this extremely difficult year for the industry. I entered 2021 wondering if maybe the standards had not dropped due to understaffing and shaken morale. To my good surprise, new and existing establishments have, to say the least, upped their game on everything from attention to service to quality of food. The pandemic has also forced hoteliers to be more creative than ever to set themselves apart, whether that’s building a Glastonbury-inspired pop-up luxury hotel on the coast, or creating the country’s most sustainable pub.

With more Britons ready to vacation at home again this year, the north of England, which has seen a year full of hotel openings, like the trendy restaurant with Joro rooms in Sheffield, is a definite one to watch. I especially look forward to the opening of Wildes in underrated Chester, complete with rooftop pool and cinema.



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