Traders are nervous as shoppers stay away from California border town



SAN DIEGO (Report to the border) – The first week since the lifting of travel restrictions for fully vaccinated people has been called a “disappointment” by some traders along San Ysidro Boulevard who expected more buyers from south of the border.

One of the businesses that is suffering is Carolin Shoes, which is run by Olivia Campos.

“I am very happy that they opened the border and I think things will start to improve,” she said.

Campos said his store saw more customers on Saturday and Sunday, but the week leading up to the weekend could have been busier.

Olivia Campos manages Carolin Shoes in San Ysidro, Calif. (Salvador Rivera / Border Report)

“The foot traffic was a bit slow,” she said. “I’m not giving up, I always hope they arrive little by little. I can’t say that everyone will be coming in a day or two, but we need them to come shopping with us, otherwise we can’t survive without them.

Campos said it was imperative for businesses to resume during the holiday season if they were to stay in business.

“The holidays are the best time of the year for us. Without Christmas it is very difficult to survive all year round.

Campos said many of its neighbors are in the same situation, hoping that visitors will return to the area to shop as they did before the coronavirus pandemic began, and that essential travel restrictions have been put in place. square.

“We have started to see that Mexicans have started to come little by little, they will keep coming back.” she said.

One customer who hadn’t been north of the border is Olga, who told Border Report she hasn’t shopped in California for about two years.

“I was finally able to cross the border, I started shopping in Los Angeles and now I’m here,” she said in Spanish.

Olga is one of the few buyers from Mexico who has made the effort to return north of the border since the lifting of essential travel restrictions. (Salvador Rivera / Report on the border)

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the average number of daily weekday pedestrian crossings in the first week of November was 14,609 at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. On November 8, when the restrictions were lifted, foot crossings increased by 15%.

Vehicles and people crossing the border by car have remained roughly the same.

Figures provided by customs and border protection.



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