Transnational Crimes in Asean Rise During Pandemic Despite Covid-19 Travel Restrictions


July 25, 2022

PHNOM PENH – Top ASEAN officials in charge of transnational crimes have reported an increase in transnational crimes for the region despite tougher travel restrictions to control the spread of Covid-19.

The rise in transnational crimes in the region was discussed at the 22nd ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Transnational Crime (SOMTC) and other related meetings held for three days from July 19-21 via video conference.

The Home Office said in a press release on the results of the July 21 SOMTC meeting that the types of crimes that had increased included drug trafficking, cross-border removal, human trafficking, cybercrime, money laundering and other international economic crimes.

“All of these crimes are central to the agendas of senior law enforcement officials from ASEAN member states, who discussed finding common solutions to prevent and combat them effectively in order to ensure security, development and prosperity for the entire ASEAN region,” the statement said.

The 22nd SOMTC was led by Por Pheak, Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior and Chairman of the Transnational Crime Task Force.

Pheak also led the 19th ASEAN-plus-three Senior Officials Meeting on Transnational Crime under the China-Japan-South Korea Dialogue. During the meeting, senior officials from ASEAN and those from the plus-three countries exchanged ideas and launched new initiatives to promote cooperation among law enforcement officials in ASEAN countries. ‘ASEAN and the three countries of the dialogue.

In addition, Pheak led another meeting of the SOMTC Plus Dialogue Partner Consultation which includes Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, India, New Zealand, Australia, EU and the United States. They reviewed past cooperation and existing cooperation documents and discussed the way forward to strengthen cooperation.


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