travel: business travel picking up momentum after Covid pandemic: report

NEW DELHI: After an almost two-year lull due to the Covid pandemic, business travel to India has picked up steam, according to a report by travel and hospitality technology platform OYO. According to OYO’s mid-year business travel report, sustained momentum is now visible in business travel with a restart of business activity across all sectors since January 2022.

“In the business travel category, the top three constituents are corporate employees at 29%, small business owners at 17.7%, and government employees at 12.3%,” OYO said in a statement.

The survey of 1,300 people from June 25-30 this year also found Delhi to be the preferred destination for business travellers, followed closely by Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

In terms of age profile, OYO said the resumption of business travel was led by the younger generation with 43% in the 20-24 age bracket, followed by 25-30 year olds (34, 5%) and 31-45 year olds (18.6%). hundred).

“Interestingly, after months of virtual meetings and phone conversations, young business travelers such as college graduates and those just entering the workforce or businesses, such as shopkeepers and small businesses, are more enthusiastic about returning to face-to-face interactions,” OYO said.

Shreerang Godbole, OYO’s Senior Vice President, Chief Product and Service Officer, said: “While ‘bleisure’ – work from anywhere and national holidays – was the main reason for traveling in the first part of the unlocking journey, business travel has resumed since the beginning of this year, and the momentum continues to build steadily.”

Stating that business travel is reliable and has the least seasonal influence as a category, he said: “The recovery seems to be just as strong lately, whether it’s corporate, small and medium-sized companies or public sector travellers. We expect this segment to continue to grow even further in the near future.”

According to the survey, the construction industry leads business travel with 16%, followed by a wide range of businesses such as transportation, clothing, electronics, IT and health.

In terms of travel frequency, 29% of respondents said they travel once a month, 25% once every three months and 21% once a week.

As for the duration, 73% declare having traveled for 3 days, 19% for 3 to 7 days and only 4% have traveled for more than a week.

“Across all respondents, 52% said safety was their top priority when booking a stay. Hygiene remains a top concern for 48% of business travelers and 45% of travelers book their stay based on offers and discounts available to them,” OYO said.

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