Travel Insider: The insider’s guide to finding wellness in Fiji

Alana Tilly, founder of Kama Yoga Fiji.


Alana Tilly, founder of Kama Yoga Fiji.

If you’ve missed your regular tours or are traveling to Fiji for the first time, here’s a refresher on local offerings inspired by wellness and sustainable living, says Alana Tilly, Founder of Kama Yoga Fiji.

When landing in Nadi, it’s not always easy to discover unique local offerings. The center is known for its Denarau Island resorts, laid-back poolside cocktails and island day trips, but just like the city’s diverse population, the adventures on offer are varied. .

The local markets of Nadi and Namaka are a favorite stop for many to check out seasonal produce and chat with vendors. If you are in Fiji between November and February, you may notice mangoes piled high at roadside stalls and markets.

Although most are familiar with mangoes, it’s worth looking for a “parrot mango” which is similar in shape and color to a multicolored parrot. When ripe, the skin thins out, but the flesh is still firm and sweet and you can eat the mango like an apple – with the skin on!

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Tilly at Denarau Marina, Fiji.


Tilly at Denarau Marina, Fiji.

Search for Lako Yoga with Lea and find out where and when the next yoga session is taking place, or a wellness event where Alla from Holistic Studio partners with Lako Yoga to combine yoga, Qigong and meditation with a breakfast smoothie bowl. -lunch to feel refreshed and recharged.

Alla also makes some lovely skin and body products, including a natural mosquito repellent. A great place for other local gifts and sustainable Fijian products is at The Projects Collective on Narewa Road (Denarau Rd).

Looking out to the outskirts of Nadi, take the time to take a tour of the picturesque Bulaccino Organic Farm overlooking the surrounding hills where you can see, hear and even taste the history of local Fiji produce – straight from the tree.

For those looking to take the adventure a step further, there’s nothing better than a trip to the mud pools of Sabeto to invigorate sore or tired muscles.


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