Turkey publishes sustainable travel advice


Turkey has released sustainable travel advice to help visitors take ‘low footprint holidays’ in 2022

ABTA research shows that UK consumers are increasingly concerned about sustainability, with interest in sustainable holidays increasing significantly over the past 10 years.

Supported by a new agreement with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), Turkey has highlighted destinations, activities and transport options that will help visitors reduce their impact on the environment and locals.

Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said: “Sustainability is a major focus for tourism in Turkey in 2022 and beyond. As the first government in the world to sign an agreement to develop a national program with the World Sustainable Tourism Council, we are committed to achieving our green tourism goals. As a country with impressive ecosystems and spectacular landscapes, it is essential that we focus more on maintaining them. Part of this work will be to provide tourists with the resources and options to make sustainable choices abroad. We hope this new travel guide helps visitors enjoy their favorite vacation destination in a green and guilt-free way.

The direction is as follows:

Send customers to “slow cities”

Turkey has 18 “slow cities”, which had to meet 72 criteria such as eliminating noise pollution and fast-paced traffic, preserving and increasing green spaces, and supporting local agriculture. These destinations, from Aegean villages to Black Sea towns, are a sustainable option that allows visitors to immerse themselves in local culture and take time to appreciate their surroundings.

Book the train

Earlier this year, Turkey expanded its high-speed rail network, reducing the time, energy and emissions of traveling within the country. A new extension of the Ankara-Konya line allows visitors to travel between Konya and Karaman in 50 minutes, up from 1.5 hours. Other high-speed routes include Ankara to Istanbul and Istanbul to Konya.

There is also an overnight passenger train, The Eastern Express, which runs daily from Ankara to Kars.

Send them hiking or biking

Turkey has 30 hiking routes and 86 road and mountain bike routes. The most famous races over 500 km along the coast of the Izmir peninsula.

In Istanbul, the ISBIKE smart bike project gives visitors access to over 3,000 rental bikes and 144 km of cycle paths, allowing them to explore new sides of the city.

Invest in ecotourism

Turkey has 250 natural parks and 85 wildlife protection areas. The country encourages visitors to benefit from ecotourism activities in 2022, such as bird watching and botanical tours.

In November 2021, the Sea of ​​Marmara was declared a “Special Environmental Protection Area”, with the aim of reducing pollution and restoring the area to its natural beauty.

The country also has more than 500 Blue Flag beaches, the third highest in the world, as well as 22 marinas and tourist boats with the Blue Flag.

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