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Published on: Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The UAE has established its status among the top health and wellness tourism destinations in the world, said Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Ajman Tourism Development Department (ADTD).

He attributed this to the growing international confidence in the country’s health sector and services, which has managed to attract large tourism companies that enjoy a prestigious international reputation.

This happened during his visit to Zoya Health & Wellbeing Resort, located in the heart of Al Zorah region in Ajman, to experience the first five-star health resort in the Middle East and Africa that offers a wide range specialized treatment programs and experiences. , designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and the well-being of its visitors.

Sheikh Abdul began his tour at the 61-room resort in its prime location with magnificent views of golf courses and mangrove forests.

He was informed about the health facilities available in the resort, which offers a variety of treatments based on its main pillars: prevention and rehabilitation, fitness, recreation and relaxation.

Sheikh Abdul said the health and wellness tourism projects play a major role in achieving the tourism and development goals set for the emirate, while meeting all the health requirements for tourists coming from the world in the emirate of Ajman.

He explained that Ajman, through these distinguished projects, seeks to be an attractive environment for investments in health tourism, highlighting the presence of the interest of many investors in this sector, due to the availability of different components. which benefits the medical tourism sector in the UAE in general and in the emirate of Ajman in particular, represented in the solid foundation of a distinguished healthcare infrastructure, which advances the growth of a private medical sector innovative.

The Chairman of Ajman Tourism commended the healthcare services provided at the resort and the efforts of its employees, as well as their constant pursuit to solidify Ajman’s leadership position by developing various aspects of the healthcare experience in the emirate .

Saudi entrepreneur Mohammed Ameer Said, founder of Zoya Health & Wellbeing Resort, said that the emirate of Ajman has many elements and factors to attract those who wish to benefit from its health services, starting with the availability of therapeutic infrastructure within it, through the availability of various areas of hospitalization and medicine, and the presence of modern and advanced medical centers, and their ability to attract qualified doctors, operators of luxury hotels, easy flights, smooth visa applications and processing, all these constitute an assortment of driving forces pulling the growth of medical tourism into it.

Mohammed Ameer Said emphasized that Zoya Health & Wellbeing Resort, as a regional and international destination, aims to offer integrated and unique experiences based on a holistic medical approach that helps promote health through a specialized group of treatment programs and treatment methods offered by the complex. are characterized by integration and comprehensiveness, as they include various treatment programs, specifically designed to enhance clients’ experience and support their journey towards a healthier life.

Zoya Health & Wellbeing Resort offers nine diverse programs which include; wellness, immune support, detox program, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, weight management, liver support, rejuvenation, fitness and anti-aging.

Specialty programs also include multiple treatment sessions in an integrated program ranging from three to fourteen nights, during which guests can benefit from the resort’s advanced facilities and a selection of recreational activities.

Each of the complex’s treatment programs has been designed by a group of experts in the fields of health and medicine, to meet the unique individual needs of each person, taking into account their lifestyle, where the team doctors, health and nutrition specialists carry out a complete medical evaluation for each guest before preparing the personalized therapeutic program.

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