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With international travel rapidly becoming a more viable option for families across Australia, many of us may already have our first post-COVID vacation in the works. Maybe you’re planning a camping trip to detox from two years of suburban life, or maybe you’re preparing to cross the ocean and escape to another corner of the world you couldn’t imagine yourself in. found only two years ago.

If you haven’t fleshed out your first vacation plans, our travel experts may suggest: Sydney, New South Wales. Sydney has woken up with a bang after several months of lockdowns, and tourists who choose to visit this coastal cityscape will have plenty of rewarding things to see and do to help them start their own rehab.

We’ll detail below what makes Sydney one of Australia’s most ideal vacation spots.

See some of Australia’s most iconic attractions

If you’ve been able to book accommodation with a harbor view, like the Sofitel Darling Harbour, chances are you’ll be able to see all the fantastic places you’d like to visit right from your window. Sydney Harbor is packed with eclectic attractions, including Taronga Sydney Zoo on its northern side and Sea Life Sydney Aquarium just across the heritage-listed, pedestrian-friendly Pyrmont Bridge.

However, Pyrmont Bridge isn’t the only heritage-listed site you can explore in downtown Sydney. Some of Australia’s most iconic tourist attractions are found in and out of the burroughs that line the edges of Sydney Harbour, which means you can quite honestly spend your whole trip overlooking the waterfront and still have some activity different every day. Head to the many swimming spots or parks that occupy the sprawling waterfront of the harbor for an afternoon swim or picnic, or head into town to all of the iconic buildings and urban environments of Sydney, like the Strand Arcade.

And of course, if you’ve never taken a trip to Sydney before, you can’t miss a trip to the breathtaking Sydney Opera House or an experience to get up close and personal with the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge. Book yourself an ascent of the bridge, or even a ferry crossing to take you under its monumental arcades. Just be sure to take plenty of photos along the way!

Swimming in Bondi: Australia’s first swimming hole

A trip to Sydney would be truly incomplete without a day or two at the area’s famous Bondi Beach. A popular venue for surfing competitions and world-class surfers from around the world, Bondi also happens to be the closest beach to Sydney city center as well as Sydney’s largest south-facing beach, hence its characteristic ripper waves.

If you’re not looking to catch waves, or don’t particularly want to navigate the crowds in Bondi, then rest assured that there are a plethora of other beaches and swimming spots for you to enjoy during your stay in Sydney. . Why not make the trip to the northern beaches to experience Palm Beach, also known as Home & Away Beach?

Or if it’s still too crowded for you, then Cronulla Beach may be the perfect coastal escape for you. Located on the south side of Botany Bay and a stone’s throw from Bondi itself, Cronulla is truly a different world to Sydney’s other busy swimming spots. The secluded sands of this small beach are more than ideal for all beachgoers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a bit. Cronulla also happens to face south, as does Bondi, so avid surfers can still catch some decent waves here too.

Explore the Museum of Contemporary Art

As Sydney is quite a sprawling city, with the harbor running through its center, there are actually plenty of attractions to visit everywhere. Accommodation in Sydney is also scattered around, so it’s more than likely that you can find great accommodation in a location that suits you best.

For example, if you’re traveling to Sydney purely for its arts and culture scene, chances are you’ll want to find accommodation in or around The Rocks, which is the area where you can find most of the art galleries. independent art, shops and studios. In the middle of it all, you’ll also find the Museum of Contemporary Art, or MCA.

Considered one of Australia’s premier arts institutions alongside the NGA in Canberra and MONA in Hobart, the MCA is known for its extensive collection of contemporary and historical Indigenous art, as well as its works of art. Australian art from the colonial era. In 2022, the MCA aims to shine a spotlight on emerging young Australian artists, with exhibitions held throughout the year around contemporary voices. Modern art lovers should definitely visit the MCA this year.

Gourmet restaurants and cafes to frequent

After long days of wandering around the city of Sydney, you’ve more than likely earned some great treats. Fortunately, Sydney is brimming with a variety of luxury restaurants and fine dining experiences, with plenty of options to satisfy even the most finicky palates. There are also a variety of seafood restaurants along the harbour, with King Street Wharf being a very popular area to get yourself a freshly caught meal.

And if you’re after a night out on the town, why not visit some of Sydney’s best rooftop bars to start your evening with a cocktail or two? Sydney is the ultimate destination for hosting unforgettable date nights to end busy days. Be sure to make your reservations in advance though, as Sydney’s most popular restaurants tend to come with a waiting list, especially on weekend evenings.

Finally, if city living isn’t for you, you’ll be happy to know that Sydney is also home to many incredible natural attractions and sights. The city’s South Head, located at the easternmost point of the harbour, for example, is a great place to go if you’re looking for panoramic views of the wider Pacific Ocean. Alongside this, there are a myriad of other hiking trails and viewpoints that you can enjoy on either side of the harbour.

As long as you map out your travel itinerary to the end, chances are your Sydney getaway will be a more than satisfying vacation to kickstart life after lockdown.


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