Why Astrid Y Gastón does not have a Michelin star


The Michelin Guide is the brainchild of André and Edouard Michelin, the same pair of brothers who created the Michelin tire company in 1889. Launching this company was a risky bet because, at the time, there were less than 3,000 cars in the whole of France. To encourage car and tire sales, the Michelins published a travel guide with maps and recommendations for lodging and board on road trips. The guide focused his attention on fine dining establishments in the 1920s, but as his reputation began to skyrocket, he maintained a frustratingly narrow field of vision. Today, there is not just one Michelin Guide but a series of guides compiled country by country and even city by city.

According michelin, they publish guides for 37 countries and cities. Of these, 26 are located in Europe and eight in Asia, with only three locations covered in the remaining three quadrants of the globe. Dubai has a Michelin guide, and in the western hemisphere, the United States and Brazil are honored. Beyond that there is nothing. Africa, Oceania and the vast majority of the Americas are neglected, including Peru. Despite this oversight, Astrid y Gastón remains one of the most acclaimed and respected restaurants in the world, proving that Bibendum’s boost is completely overrated.


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